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What Is The Meaning Of Life

by Madiha Rizvi
What Is The Meaning Of Life

What Is The Meaning Of Life

Life is a pretty interesting thing. We’ve all asked ourselves, “what is the meaning of life?” (at least I have). Life is also one of the most visited pages on Wikipedia.com.

So what is the meaning of life? You may have heard that life has no sense, but I’d like to state something different: Life has no fixed meaning, as it presents an opportunity for everyone to define our existence.


God-centered Views

There are so many things that can make life meaningful. Money, power, fame, and success can all give us a sense of purpose and meaning in life. But these things will never satisfy our deepest longings or fulfill us in the way God can.

The real meaning of life is God-centered. No matter what you do, if it’s not centered on God, there is no meaning.

You can have all the money in the world and be the most successful person on the planet, but if you don’t have God as your central focus in life, you are missing out on the most important part of what makes our lives worth living.


Soul-centered Views

As a soul-centered person, you are someone who knows that your life is not about having more money, more stuff, and more things. You know that your life is about living in a way that brings you joy and fulfillment. You know that you need to pursue experiences that satisfy your soul to live a meaningful life.

The soul-centered life is the most fulfilling kind of life there is. It’s a life filled with love, happiness, joy, and peace. It’s a life where we feel connected to ourselves and others.

We can experience this kind of life because we have found our purpose in life — we know what makes our hearts sing!


Meaning of Life from an Islamic Point of View

What is the meaning of life?. For some people, life is about making money and enjoying the material things in life. For others, life is about following their dreams.

Life is about doing good deeds and helping others out for some people. For others, life is about finding true love and being happy with their partner.

But what does Islam have to say about the meaning of life?

Islam teaches us that we were created for a higher purpose than just making money or enjoying life’s material things. Islam teaches us that we must use our time here on earth wisely by doing good deeds and helping others out.


Re-framing your mindset

The question we asked always is “what is The meaning of life” for thousands of years, and yet no one seems to have found the answer. However, we can make small changes in our thinking that can lead us in the right direction.

A second thing that you should do is change your perspective on life and death. We all want to live forever, but there are times when we need to come face-to-face with reality and accept that someday we will die.

This can be hard for some people who struggle with getting their mortality, but once they do, they can see life differently than before. It may take some time for this process to occur, but it will happen if you keep working on it.


You are, therefore, you matter

It may seem like a simple statement, but what does it mean? It means that you are here for a reason and that your life matters. It means that there is a purpose for your existence. And it means that your thoughts and feelings matter.

We are all born with the same potential to love and be loved, learn and create, be generous and compassionate, and enjoy life’s pleasures.

We want to experience life in all its beauty and splendor by nature. We want our lives to have meaning and purpose – something larger than ourselves.

The problem is that many of us have been taught that we don’t matter as much as other people do, or perhaps we have forgotten how important we are to ourselves, our family, friends, and our community. But one thing is true: You are important! Your life matters!

What Is The Meaning Of Life


Difference between meaning and purpose

Meaning of life and purpose of life are two different things. Though both are related to each other, they are different.

The meaning of life is the reason for which we live. It is a purpose that we have in mind because we want to achieve something in our lives.

The purpose of life is why you were born in this world. It is what you were meant to do in your lifetime. You can find meaning by finding your purpose.7

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