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How To Become Spiritually Awakened

by Madiha Rizvi
How To Become Spiritually Awakened

How To Become Spiritually Awakened

How To Become Spiritually Awakened, this question is asked by many people but it is very difficult to answer it.

We’re all searching for something that will make us happier, more peaceful, and more fulfilled. Though we rarely find it. Something is keeping us from finding the joy, love and peace we seek.

Some think spirituality is the solution. But what is spirituality? And how is it different from religion?

Spirituality can be described as a path of self-discovery, while religion develops rules to live by. So how do you expand your awareness and get spiritually awakened? That’s exactly what I’ll show you today.


Examine Your Beliefs

When you have your beliefs examined, then you will feel great. When you start studying yourself, then you will love it. This is a great way to develop as a person and be the best that you can be.

I am sure of this. Once you have been through an examination of your beliefs, then you will understand how to live your life better.


Expand Your Mind

This is your moment, go try out new things. Be unpredictable, go out and try things you never had courage for. Stop being rigid. mold your mind to adapt changes.

Build the habit of reading books, articles, listening to podcasts, news, audio books, anything that will help broaden up your knowledge. Go to new spots, listen to people, observe them, explore different cultures. 


Learn To Let Go

Don’t hold grudges, move on. The more you hold nonsense stuff in your mind, the more your mind will get cluttered. You need to fill your mind with positivity , affirmations, and motivation.

Take care of your mind, the way you care for your physical appearance. Cleanse and don’t let negative thoughts dwell on your mind. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Meditate, and relax, this is for your own good.


Find Inner Peace

Seek peace within. You don’t need to be reliant upon others for your joy and harmony. Be strong enough to prioritize yourself above all.

You need to accept yourself, your past, and understand that nobody is perfect, except for God, so stop being a perfectionist, you’ll only fail. Be content with your life, and be happy for who you are.

You are better than everyone, you just need to change the way you look at life. Don’t let anyone ruin your inner peace. 

How To Become Spiritually Awakened


Learn To Say No

You are you, don’t let anyone take you for granted. Say no to plans you’re not comfortable with. Be self centered, when it comes to your mental well being.

Quit pleasing people, people barely remember what you have done for them. You don’t have to feel terrible while saying no, after all you’re doing it for your own peace. It is better to say no than saying yes and regretting it. 



Nobody can explain the importance of exercise. You not only stay active, but it also helps in detoxifying your thoughts. The more you eliminate negativity from your life, the more you open yourself for new doors.

Exercising helps in reducing depression and anxiety and results in improving your mood, and brain functions.

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