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How To Be Mentally Strong

by Madiha Rizvi
How To Be Mentally Strong

Understanding how to be mentally strong is an extremely important topic, one that most people don’t know much about. This includes the ability to bounce back from failure.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to develop my own methods for developing mental strength, based on my experiences as well as research and reading in this field.


Live In The Moment

Stop living in the past, you can never go back and change it, so stop thinking and regretting. Future is unpredictable; nobody has seen it, You? Me? No one.

So living in the present and making the most of it will not only make us joyous but will also help in staying focused. Your future depends upon what you do today, not tomorrow.


Exercise Your Mind

Just like your body needs movement, so does your mind. Work, work and only work will not only make you feel frustrated but you will also burn out in the longer run. They say to enjoy the glow of good health you must exercise.

Exercise is not only limited to physical movement, your mind needs it too. So in order to be studious and happy you need to exercise your mind. You can try playing puzzles, video games, doing meditation, and listening to music. Anything that can help you get distracted from work or anything that is stressing you out.


Challenge Yourself

Your comfort zone kills you. The more you challenge yourself and do things that are out of your area of comfort, the more creative you will become. Let’s take an example, suppose Julie is an introverted girl, who hates meeting new people and prefers living in a nutshell. But her job requires her to go out in public and brand herself.

What is she going to do? Go home, leave the job and stay hand to mouth forever, or go out in public and prove herself? I am gonna leave the answer to you.


Don’t Be Defeated By Fear

You need to control your mind in order to override your fear. Or else your fear will ride you. Fearing people,the future, will not only demolish your present but will also make your mind fragile.

You will start getting anxious and disturbed overtime. Look around yourself, and see how people are suffering from the tortures of the damned in their mind.

Because they have no control over themselves and have accepted the fact of living with distress. They hate working on themselves, they are convinced to live the lives of misery and agony and that is the reason suicide rate is rising year after year.


Never Say Never

Never use the word never, even if something seems impossible to be true, just don’t use it. What if your subconscious mind will take it as a word, and start processing it and presenting you with conditions that you can never say yes to.

Be aware of what you are putting in your mind. If you say I’ll never be able to buy Aventador SVJ, then surely you’ll never be able to afford it. But if you say I’ll buy it as soon as the price gets low or I win the lottery then surely things will turn in your favor.


Be Grateful

Believe in yourself, and be appreciative for what you are today. List down the things you never imagined you’d have them. The more you are grateful the more you will be satisfied. Hunger of luxury will never end, stop comparing yourself to people above you and celebrities you see online, you will only stress out. You can never realize who is suffering from what.

Smiling faces are not always cheerful spirits. So tame your mind to accept and be thankful for what you have today because it’s never too late. Peace is above all.


Master Your Emotions

You are the lord of your emotions, either you can master them or become a servant. Try to observe and understand your feelings. Appreciate them, it is great to be careful than to be careless.

Be emotionally strong enough to eliminate negativity and toxic people from your life, even if it’s your family or friends. The more you have command over feelings the more grounded your mind will get.


Focus On Yourself

Prioritize yourself, the rest of the world can wait. People pleasing is human nature but we can never please everyone, regardless of how hard we try, we just can’t. It will only demotivate us.

So it would be a smart act to put yourself above all to be genuinely happy. Do things that make you feel good, instead of caring about what other people say. Because if you think what people would think? Then what will people think?

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