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How To Avoid Toxic People

by Madiha Rizvi
How To Avoid Toxic People

How To Avoid Toxic People

Most people don’t like to be around people who bring them down. But why do we let them? Do you have toxic people in your life who make you feel bad about yourself? Do you know how to recognize toxic people and how to avoid toxic people them?

In this article, I will share seven ways to recognize toxic people and five steps to help you get rid of these toxic individuals.


Let Them Know How You Feel

Toxic people are everywhere. They’re in your office, they’re in your family and they’re even in your friends’ circle. To avoid toxic people you should Let them know how you feel,

The problem is that many of us have been conditioned to believe that we should be nice to everyone. We feel bad when we don’t respond to their request or when we choose not to hang out with them.

But there are some instances where you need to draw the line between being polite and being kind. If someone is toxic in your life, then it’s time to let go of them and move on because these people aren’t worth it!

Don’t be afraid to express yourself as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s okay for you to tell someone if they’re annoying or toxic in any way — especially if they’re doing something that affects other people around them too much for comfort!


Say No (And Walk Away)

Toxic people are everywhere.

They can be family members, friends, coworkers or even strangers. There are even toxic people in your own head that make you feel bad about yourself and your life.

If you’re tired of the toxic people around you, here are five ways to avoid them:

Say no (and walk away). It’s important not to be a doormat for anyone. It’s also important not to let yourself get dragged into drama or negativity by people who don’t care about your well-being.

When someone asks you for something, but it doesn’t align with your values or goals, say no and walk away as quickly as possible. This can help prevent situations where you might feel pressured into doing something that’s not right for you.

Stop listening to negative news and social media posts. Toxic people tend to focus on negativity because they feed off of it — so if you want to avoid them, stop hanging out with them!

Toxic people love talking about all the bad things happening in the world — such as wars and natural disasters — so eliminate all negative news sources from your life (including social media). Instead of looking at Facebook or Twitter feeds that make everything seem like it’s going wrong all over

How To Avoid Toxic People


Recognizing Toxic People

Sometimes, you can’t avoid toxic people. This is especially true if you work for them or are in a relationship with them. But if you do find yourself under the thumb of a toxic person, there are ways to protect yourself.

Recognizing Toxic People

The first step to avoiding toxic people is recognizing what makes them so bad for us. Here are some of the signs:

They make you feel inferior. Toxic people have an over-inflated sense of their own worth and they will try to bring you down to their level by making you feel inferior.

They do this by criticizing your intelligence, appearance, or other qualities that are important to you. They might also make fun of your accomplishments or belittle your goals and dreams.

And if you ever succeed at something, they will be sure to let everyone know that it was no big deal or that anyone could have done it just as well as you did — even though they never tried themselves!


Be Clear About Your Boundaries

Avoid toxic people by being clear about your boundaries.

Toxic people drain your energy, and they do it in a variety of ways. Some are constantly demanding attention and “fixing” you. Others are passive-aggressive gossips who find ways to make you feel bad about yourself.

No matter how they do it, a toxic person is someone who consistently makes you feel worse about yourself than when you started the interaction with them.

When we’re dealing with a toxic person, we can often get caught up in their drama and forget our own needs. It’s important to take time to reconnect with yourself and remember what makes you happy — so that if someone comes along who doesn’t fit in with this picture, it will be easier for you to recognize them as a threat before they become too much of an influence on your life.


Spend More Time With Positive People

Avoid toxic people by Spending more time with positive people

We all have at least one friend who is negative and brings us down. It’s important to surround yourself with people who are positive, but how can you do that if you don’t know who these people are?

Toxic people are everywhere. They can be your boss, a colleague, someone in your family, or even your friend. As the old saying goes, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.” Sometimes we have to deal with toxic people regardless of what we want.

The first thing you should do is to get rid of negative thoughts about yourself and others. If you think that something is wrong with you, then it will affect every aspect of your life including how you deal with toxic people:

If you think that something is wrong with others or other things around me, then it will affect my attitude towards them and towards those things around me too;

If I think that something is wrong with the world around me, then it will affect my attitude towards everything in the world and make me feel depressed most of the time;


Forgive But Don’t Forget

The first thing to do is forgive them. You will feel better and be able to move on from the situation. But don’t forget what they did. You can’t let it slide or you will end up in the same situation again.

If you have a toxic friend, you need to tell them that their behavior is unacceptable and that you need some time apart so that they can reflect on themselves. If they are unwilling to change, then it may be time to cut them out of your life completely.

It can be difficult to tell someone that they are toxic because we all want people who like us and want our approval. But if someone consistently makes you feel bad about yourself or treats others poorly, then they have crossed the line and it is time for them to go!


Remember, You Aren’t At Fault

We all want to be a good friend, but sometimes we can’t help getting sucked into toxic people. They might be people who are close to us, or they might just be acquaintances who get under our skin. Either way, toxic people often make us feel worse about ourselves and cause unnecessary stress in our lives.

So how do you deal with these toxic people? There are lots of ways to avoid them and still be friends:

Avoid toxic people – If someone is toxic to you, avoid them as much as possible. Don’t talk about them or share secrets with them. Don’t spend time with them or go out for drinks.

If your job requires you to spend time around these people, take breaks when you can so that you don’t get dragged down by their negative energy.

Remember that you aren’t at fault – Most often, toxic people are only toxic because they are unhappy themselves and project this unhappiness onto others around them.

If a friend is being mean or rude or jealous towards you, it may not even have anything at all to do with you! 


Put Your Needs And Desires First

Toxic people can be found in all different types of relationships — romantic partners, friends, family members and coworkers. While they might seem innocent at first glance, they can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked.

Toxic people can be difficult to deal with, but you don’t have to suffer through your interactions with them. You can be polite and kind without letting toxic people suck the life out of you, as long as you know how to avoid them and put your needs first.


You Don’t Need To Explain

We all know the kind of person who makes you question your sanity and makes you wonder why you even bother talking to them. They’re the ones who complain about everything, have a bad attitude, and make things worse than they need to be.

The good news is that these types of people are usually pretty easy to spot — especially in the workplace. If someone has the habit of complaining about everything and making everyone else feel bad about themselves, it’s probably best if you avoid them altogether.

You might think that cutting off this type of person will cause resentment or anger but it doesn’t. In fact, once you realize that these types of people only bring negativity into your life, it might actually make things easier for both parties involved because there will be no more confusion or misunderstanding between the two of you.

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